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With more than 20 years of experience at public and private colleges, I have led the strategic development of highly successful admission and advancement marketing communications and led and managed teams in the execution of those campaigns.

I am a higher-education communications professional with the skills and proven capabilities to capture and tell a university’s story across all channels. I excel at meeting traditional and ongoing institutional needs, such as media relations and publications development, as well as shaping compelling narratives in technologically contemporary ways to advance the institution’s goals — particularly those that support enrollment and advancement. 

As for my professional values, I take delight in: 

•    Developing and maintaining relationships within the university community that build trust and                          cooperation
•    Meeting with and interviewing people for storytelling projects
•    Conveying stories in words, pictures, infographics, and video across institutional platforms
•    Making data-driven decisions based on analytics and key performance indicators
•    Learning and deploying new communications technologies
•    Learning from colleagues and helping them take their game to the next level
•    Holding myself and teams of colleagues to the highest standards of quality in service to the institution,          students and their families, faculty, staff, and alumni. 


As for my skills and experience, I have demonstrated success with:

•    Developing strategic communications plans for Admissions and Advancement

•    Leading creative teams in producing high-impact communications
•    Managing communications projects from conception to execution

•    Writing presidential and senior staff communications

•    Making data-driven decisions with Web, email, and social-media analytics

•    Print publication development, editing, and production 
•    Writing for news, social media, and marketing communications
•    Location photography and photo editing (Adobe Photoshop)
•    DSLR video development and production (iMovie/Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects)
•    Web content management (WordPress, Joomla)
•    Editing code for HTML emails (Dreamweaver)
•    Developing email concept, copy, and graphics (MailChimp, Constant Contact)

•    Writing and distributing hometown press releases (Merit)
•    Building infographics (Adobe Illustrator)

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